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40 Things Meme

40 odd things about me . . . Please play along!

Pilfered shamelessly from cuddyclothes

1. Do you put ketchup on a hot dog
Never.  Hate ketchup, not keen on hot dogs!
2. Choice of soda?
Just something boring like a Sprite or Lemonade

3. Do you own a gun?
4. Can you swim?
5. Hot dogs or cheeseburger?
Cheeseburger, definitely.
6. Favourite type of food?
Don’t really have a favourite as I’m partial to dishes of all sorts.
7. Do you believe in ghosts?
I believe there is something beyond our understanding.  I don’t think they’re lost souls unable to get into heaven as I don’t believe in heaven.  Maybe some kind of scientific explanation like emotional echoes picked up by particularly sensitive people?  Who knows?

8. What do you drink in the morning?
Orange and lime juice
9. Can you do 100 push-ups?
Nope, I can’t do one push up!
10. Summer, Winter, Spring, or fall?
Spring and Summer – I love the long hours of daylight and not having to wear thick heavy clothes.

11. Your favorite hobby?
Art, writing, fandom, going to conventions
12. Tattoos?
13. Do you wear glasses?
When I drive
14. Do you have a phobia?
I’m very claustrophobic, and not at all keen on spiders. 
15. Do you have a nickname?

Most of My fandom friends call me Diz or Dizzo, my work colleagues call me Janey and I have one friend I’ve known for a million years who still calls me Ludders (based on my maiden name)
16. Three favorite drinks?
Skinny Latte or Cappuccino, Sauvignon Blanc, Tropicana Orange and Lime juice
17. Biggest downfall?
Not being able to tell the difference between ‘down time’ and ‘being bored and unoccupied’ and consequently viewing ‘down time’ as a negative thing.
18. Rain or snow?
Rain.  I’m an absolute wuss at driving in the snow.
19. Can you change a tire?
IN theory I know how, but I pay the AA £200 pounds a year, so why would I?
20. Favorite flower?
None especially, they’re all pretty
21. Can you drive a stick?
No, I drive automatics
22. Ever gone skydiving?
Um, no.  I’m a danger to myself at ground level
23. Kids?
24. Favorite color?
Turquoise/Teal/Aquamarine – any of that family of blue/green colours
25. Employed?
Yes, Reward Manager
26. Can you whistle?
I can make a noise, but I can’t hold a tune.
27. Where were you born?
Lambeth, London
28. Siblings?
29. Surgeries?
One; broken elbow surgically repaired
30. Shower or bath?
Shower if I want to get clean, bath if I want to relax with a book for a while
31. Last album you listened to?
Queen Greatest Hits
32. Age?
25 with 26 years’ experience
33. Broken bones?

Okay, here we go…
Left wrist, left elbow and humerus, left shoulder, nose, two broken toes.  Knocked two front teeth out when I was fifteen, does that count?
34. How many TVs are in your house?
Only one
35. Worst Pain?
The broken toes were right up there
36. Do you like to sing?
Yes, but I’m rubbish at it
37. Are your parents still alive?
38. Do you like camping?
39. What do you enjoy binge-watching?
Oh, all sorts.  Just going through ‘His Darkest Materials’ at the moment
40. Pumpkin or pecan pie?

And just for jolly, here's a couple of pictures of Dean - because I'm nice like that!

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