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Snowflake Challenge - Day 7

The world tells us we must be humble, we must take a compliment, but never to compliment ourselves. Never toot our own horn and many other cliches about how to be proper and not overbearingly egotistical. We at FSC say, f&#k that! Tell us of all the ways you are the BEST! All the things you’ve done, want to do or will one day do. All the ways you are marvelously you.

Challenge #7

Promote/Rec/Sing the Praises* of Yourself! Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh, where to start???

I think I am a very loyal person - and friend. I'm an only child, and so my friends are, and always have been, among the most important people in my life. I think - I hope - I show that in my dealings with my friends.

I also like the fact that I'm a positive, glass-half-full person. I always try to see the bright side of any given situation. Unfortunately, it does mean that I've been disappointed or hurt on the odd occasion, but all things considered, I'd still rather be that way inclined than moping around being negative and pessimistic.

Finally, I love that creativity is important in my life. Whether it be art or writing, I'm glad I can do it to a standard that gives other people pleasure, and I couldn't imagine my life without a creative outlet.

Here are a couple of recent examples of my creativity ... I hope you like them!

Sam and Dean Winchester - Pastel Art

And Baby Makes Three - Digital Artwork for one of my longer Fan Fictions

And Baby Makes Three - Fic

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