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Thank you!!

We took the Christmas decs down on Sunday.  While we were going that, I collected up all my lovely fandom cards.  Throughout December, it's so much fun receiving cards from all over the world, and I appreciate every single one of them.

This year, I had cards from Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, UK.

So, this is me saying thank you all - I loved and appreciated each an every one of your cards!

Thank you:

stellamira, kattrip033, kiramaru7, xlittleangx, meazrael_64, sillie82, 999alena, emmatheslayer, casey28, whysosadbunny, dean_hugs_sammy, deanshot, jdl71, amberdreams, sasha_dragon, heavenli24, jj1564, herminekurotowa

as well as:

Pauline, Stephanie, Jacq, Ma Lou and Wendy (not on Lovejournal!)
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