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What'cha Doing?

I'm starting to prepare for my annual summer dapplegrey art road trip, and that includes trying to produce a couple of quick extra originals for the stall.  people often ask me where I get the inspiration for my pictures and that varies enormously from picture to picture.

The picture I have just finished today is inspired by a Facebook group I follow called ';The Bunny Bunch' and they are a rabbit shelter that not only looks after and rehomes abandoned pet rabbits, but also tries to educate people, pointing out that rabbits are not boring little things that just sit in a hutch and stare into space, they are intelligent, inquisitive, loving little creatures who will give you eight to ten years of joy and entertainment in return for your care and attention.

So, in honour of pet rabbits everywhere, those both loved and neglected, I present this little bloke, doing what rabbits do best - being curious and poking his nose into your business.

I call it, "What'cha Doing?"

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