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Happy Post: Some late Christmas fun!

I just realised that I forgot to post these pictures here on Lj.

These are a few pics of my work's Christmas Party on the 20th December.

About eighty of us converged on London and met at the party venue, HMS Belfast.  The Belfast is a WW1, WW2 and (briefly) cold war battleship which was decommissioned in the 60's and then preserved as a floating museum.  She's moored on the Thames, right between Tower Bridge and London Bridge, and so we had some spectacular views of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge from her deck.

It was a fascinating place to hold a party and a great night was had by all...

So, here are some mugshots:

HMS Belfast, you can just see the turrets of the Tower of London poking up between her funnels.

Beautiful Tower Bridge in the background

A couple of nice group shots:

Keeping the big boss in his place!

Tower Bridge again - even more beautiful in the dark!

A last couple of photoshoots before we all went our separate ways!

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