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Fandom Review - 2019

After the madness of 2018, I was expecting 2019 to be a much quieter, less busy year.

And of course, I was hopelessly, gloriously wrong about that!

There may not have been travels to Iceland and broken limbs to contend with, but there were six cons, European travels, lots of art, lots of writing and, yes, beautiful fandom madness!

I attended three Supernatural conventions, JIB in Rome, Darklight in Paris and Crossroads convention, back at my spiritual fandom home at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. I had the privilege of getting up close and personal with J2M once again, and also my darling British Men of Letters, who seem to become more adorable every time I meet them!  Should I be concerned that they greet me by name now?

In addition to my Supernatural cons, I also dropped in on MCM Comic Con and Film and Comic Con London over the summer, and finally, a brief toddle off to Heathrow to a Torchwood convention in October.

One goal I unfortunately knew I was going to miss was fanfiction words.  Over the last few years, I’ve set myself the goal of writing more fanfiction words than the previous year.  Last year I managed to write 30,205, however, this year I only managed 27,003.  The reason for this was some pretty intense studying between February and June, so taking that into account, I don’t think it’s as much as a disappointment as it first appears.

So, without further ado, here are the fics that made up those words:


Fast and Forty
When you Wish Upon a Car
Love Story - a birthday fic for meazrael_64
It's a Dog's Life - written for disneymagics in the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange with art by twisted_slinky
Water Boys - written for the spn_bigpretzel 'Summer of Fun' Comment Fic Challenge
Animal Magic - written for the spn_bigpretzel 'Summer of Fun' Comment Fic Challenge
Sight for Sore Headlamps - written for the spn_bigpretzel 'Summer of Fun' Comment Fic Challenge

The End of the Road - a challenge to myself to write an ending to Supernatural
Thyrsus - written for spn_summergen
Just Say No - a birthday fic for theymp
One Night in January - written for a charity auction
Hell's Kitchen - written for jj1564 in Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Baby's Christmas Wish


I did manage to write 56 drabbles for the two drabble challenges that I take part in.  I'm not going to list them all, but you can find them all HERE

Artsy Fartsy Stuff


Happy Birthday milly_gal some Sam love
Banner for my story 'And Baby Makes Three'
Season Fifteen celebration
Jensen birthday collage
Banner for belated birthday greetings
Banner for spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange
Pie Day collage
Illustrated drabble for International Happiness Day
Sam and Jared icons for a_newdream4xmas
Happy Easter
Illustrated drabble for Sam Winchester's birthday
Happy Birthday supernutjapan
Happy Birthday sasha_dragon
Burnt Offerings artwork for jdl71 in spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange
Happy Birthday amberdreams
Happy Birthday julchen11
Banner for spn_on_parade fifth birthday celebrations
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Oldies but Goodies Reccing Meme
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Friending Meme
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Guess the Episode
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Cooking with Crowley
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Mods Mini Meet Up
Banner for spn_on_parade Fifth birthday Songspam
Happy Birthday jj1564 collage
Happy 4th of July
Banner for my story 'a Head for Trouble'
Illustrated Drabble for Jared's birthday
Banner for the spn_bigpretzel Summer of Fun Comment Fic Challenge
The Joy of Kale - fill for Summer of Fun Comment Fic Challenge
Happy Supernatural Day
Banner for spn_bigpretzel Hallowe'en Team Drabble Challenge
Seasons Greetings
Thank you metallidean_grl
Once a King in Narnia, Always a King in Narnia - art for zara_zee in spn_reversebang
Go Ask Alice, Dorothy - art for tiggeratl1 in spn_reversebang
Banner for Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 1
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 2
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 3
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 4
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 5
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 6
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 7
Jensen Christmas Countdown - day 8

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year



Bearded Sam
Dean as Michael
Mr Ketch
Jody and Donna

Colouring - Castiel and Crowley
Colouring - Castiel


Captain Jack
Ianto Jones
Gwen Cooper
Rhys Williams


I was busy spamming the heck out of our lovely Jensen and his partners in crime this year, and you can final all my picspams HERE


I went to several conventions this year; below you can find all the mugshots, write-ups and squee!

Jus in Bello, Rome

So it begins ...
Flyby from Roma
Arrivederci Roma - the 2019 edition
Ah dammit!
Happy Post: So that was the JIB that was...
Happy Post: The story of my Jared autograph

Darklight, Paris

Flyby from Paris...
There's a beautiful, sophisticated lady in this picture...
Fun and Larks in la Belle Francais


Happy Post: Preparing for Crossroads
Happy Post: I'm back ...
Crossroads Convention

London Film and Comic Con

Happy Post: Busy Bee ... Me

Miracle Day Returns - Torchwood Con

Happy Post: Miracle Day Returns


Along with my fantastic team-mates, I took part in the new format (pretty much the same as the old format) GISH this year.  Lots of fun and humiliation was had!

Happy Post: GISH Shenanigans
Happy Post: ooh, look what I got!

Other stuff

spn_bigpretzel is now in its 8th year and still going strong. During the year, the lovely jj1564 came on board as co-mod at the community and really has taken the comm to a whole new level.  The Drabbles Every Weekend (DEW) challenge maintains its popularity and regularly produces some great little works.   The comm also hosted its flagship challenge, the Spring Fic Exchange, together with the Summer of Fun Comment Fic Meme, the Hallowe’en Team Drabble Challenge and that old charmer, Crowley, dropped in to treat us to a rerun of his Christmas Fic Exchange.

The Mini Mayhem carries on over at spn_on_parade where our resident population of minis continue to perform for around 120 members.  We celebrated our fifth birthday with a month of celebrations during July and you can find everything that happened HERE. Huge thanks to my lovely co-mods jj1564 and milly_gal together with all our members who have kept our cute and cosy little bucket o’ crazy rockin' and rollin' for another year.

I was thrilled to be able to take part once again in spn_summergen as an author, and enjoy some great collaborations in spn_reversebang as an artist.

And finally, I continued running the weekly Drabble challenge alongside the lovely vansgroi over on Fanfiction.net

So, that was 2019, it's been a blast. I’m heading into 2020 with no small amount of trepidation as, I think, is every other Supernatural fan.  The little Show that could may be finally hanging up its flannels, but I’m not going anywhere… Sorry!

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