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Paying it forward ...

I want to try to start 2020 off on a positive note...

Over Christmas, I was a very lucky Dizzo, and received not just one, but two gorgeous 2020 Jensen calendars.

They're beautiful, and I already have one on the wall in my office.  Now, I could just stick the other one in a cupboard and forget about it, but that would be a horrible waste.  It deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed, even if not by me.

Size 12" x 18" approx

So, I'm offering my spare Jensen calendar to the first person who comments on this post, wherever you are in the world.  I'm not asking for the postage money, or anything at all for it.  I just want you to love it the way it should be loved.

However, I would ask that whoever receives it, pays forward the generosity of the person who originally bought it for me, and donates something to a charity of their choice.  I'm not asking for a big donation - just whatever you can manage.

So, Happy 2020, gang; if you want to spend 2020 with Jensen, just comment below!!


Edit: calendar has found a good home!
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