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December Meme - Day 30

December 30 - A list of what you got for your winter holiday

I was a very lucky Dizzo this year.

I got:

money from my Mum and Dad and Mother-in-Law
lots of sweeties and wine and smellies from the girls in work

From one of the ladies in work I got a brilliant Star Trek TNG jigsaw

From jj1564 I got a brilliant little Funko Gandalf and from sasha_dragon I got adorable little Jon Snow and his direwolf, Ghost!
They're both introducing themselves to my mini community as I write!

And also from jj1564 and sasha_dragon I got these fab colouring books!

I was lucky enough to get this gorgeous Jensen calendar TWICE!!  Once as my Hunter Girls secret santa gift and again from my lovely friend Viv.

These cute badges and keyring from amberdreams and this  lovely tree decoration from herminekurotowa

And from Mr D this fantastic and fascinating Hunters' chest full of all the items I need to be a successful hunter!!
(Unfortunately, I'm a chicken, so I'll never be a successful hunter!!!)

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