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Happy Post: It's Boxing Day ... that means it's Pram Race Day!

26th of December is a special day in the Lightwater calendar.  It's the day we head into our neighbouring village, Windlesham, for the annual pram race which is always fun and silliness, and raises around £10,000 for local charities and good causes.

For the first time in a while (maybe avout five or six years) it was a wet and rainy morning when we set out walking the 1.5 miles into Windlesham, so we were pretty damp when we got there, by the time we'd spent a couple of hours watching and suporting the race and walked the 1.5 miles home, we were drenched!

As you can see!

But the race was the usual collection of funny 'prams' and even funnier costumes.  We had faeries, surgeons, aliens, knights templar, dinosaurs, sumo wrestlers, penguins and cricketers - and that was just for starters.  Everyone threw aside their dignity and braved the weather with a smile (but after visiting several of the pubs on route, most of the racers had their 'beer coats' on by the time they reached our pub stop!!)

Overall, it was another fantastic day for the community.  Far from people being put off by the weather, the village seemed busier than ever, and once again put on an event to be proud of!

Anyone recognise these two miscreants i the crowd?

Mr D doing his best 'Emperor Palpatine' impression!

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