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December Meme - Day 26

December 26 → talk about politics or current events this year

Politics isn't something that I'm particularly good at talking about, nor something that I like talking about, especially at the moment.  With a right wing landslide in the UK election a couple of weeks ago, and Brexit on the horizon, I have no idea what the future holds, but I can't imagine it will be good.

I've reluctantly accepted Brexit as a fait a'complis, but my fear now is what happens to the national health service.  Boris Johnson (our new PM) is making all the right noises, but he's a known liar (remind you of anyone?) so I'm not convinced.

The politicians don't care what happens to the NHS, they all get private health insurance, and so to them it's nothing more than a vote winner or loser.  But to us out in the real world, it's life or death.

Our NHS is not perfect; it has its challenges, and it suffers from bad management, but it's an absolute treasure.  It saved my Mum's life nearly 30 years ago, and we didn't have to sell our homes or our souls to pay for her treatment.  In fact, we didn't put our hands in our pockets once.

To lose that would be a tragedy that I can't even put into words.
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