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Okay, so the drabble challenge over on Spn-BigPretzel has closed and through it all, I managed four drabbles for Team White Hats.  At the risk of stating the obvious, being a member of Team White Hats required me writing drabbles about the Supernatural good guys, and so here, below, is what my muse and I managed to come up with ...

Staring into the black depths of the vault, the brothers grimaced at the stench of mildew.

A gauze of cobwebs fluttered across the moonlit doorway which Dean tore down with his shotgun barrel, before stepping inside.

Sam approached the vault, but Dean blocked him; “no Sam, too dangerous"

"I can do it," Sam bitchfaced.

Dean ignored his protest and disappeared inside.

Sam’s sulk was interrupted on hearing a sudden squeak; “rats,” he thought, shuddering.

Moments later, Dean scampered out from the darkness; skidding to a halt behind Sam and shoving him towards the vault.

"Okay", he gasped, "just this once, bitch!"

The brothers crawled side-by-side along the narrow culvert, ploughing forward through oozing mud and slimy curtains of dangling roots.

Dean grumbled colourfully as his elbow sank into something soft and smelly.

"I’ve heard there are eels in here" Sam muttered, nervously pointing his flashlight around the grey slurry and crumbling brickwork.

"Ah dude, don’t say you’re frightened of a little wormy fish?" Dean grinned at his scowling brother, wiggling his finger toward Sam’s ear; "hey Sammy, here’s a wiggly, squiggly worm …"

He suddenly froze as something cold and slimy slithered up inside his shirt.

His scream resounded spectacularly around the drain.

The little glowing being buzzed around Sam’s head. It giggled as he lunged at it with the butterfly net; missing it entirely but knocking Dean onto his ass instead.

"I hate friggin’ fairies" snorted Dean, climbing stiffly to his feet.

They paused nervously as the buzzing suddenly became muffled.

Dean flinched; "it's flown up the leg of my jeans!" he yelped, leaping up and shaking his twitching leg, "GAAAAAAAAH! IT TICKLES! CRAP! SAM, HELP!"

Sam dissolved into laughter as Dean cursed wildly, hopping around and scrabbling frantically at his leg.

Suddenly he froze, unblinking eyes staring at Sam ...

"Sam…d-do fairies bite?"

I’m one lucky, lucky lady.

Not a day goes by that the man I love doesn’t tell me how beautiful I am and how much I mean to him.

It makes me feel like the centre of his universe when he runs those strong, well-practiced hands over my body, reinforcing the closeness between us, a lingering touch that communicates all the love and respect we hold for each other, and I feel like a million dollars when he whispers those special words which are meant only for me …

“Lookin' good baby; that's enough wax, lets top up your radiator now."

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