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December Meme - Day 22

December 22 → new items you’ve added to collections this year

The only collection of any note I have is my Funkos.  Over the years, I've also added plushies, and other small fandomish models.

I've got pretty much all of the Supernatural Funkos, and so I've found myself almost subconsciously branching out this year.

So my most recent acquisitions throughout 2019 have been:

Jan 2019 - Coach Dean Funko - was supposed to have been 2018 Xmas gift from Mr D, but he didn't turn up until Mid January!
April 2019 - Freddie Mercury Funko - a gorgeous birthday gift from lovely jj1564
May 2019 - Porg Bobblehead - actually bought for Mr D at MCM Comic Con, but he's still joined my Funko gang
July 2019 - Legolas and Aragorn Funkos and teeny weeny dalex from London Film and Comic Con
August 2019 - Spitfire Plushie from Imperial War Museum at Duxford
December 2019 - cute little plushie hellhound handmade by the incredibly talented herminekurotowa

Back in 2014, I said I only wanted Sam Dean and Castiel Funkos, and I'd be happy!!!!
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