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December Meme - Day 17

December 17 → something that made you happy this year

Its difficult to pinpoint one thing, because lots of things made me happy this year, but probably a significant one was my work.

Late last year, I had a meeting with my Manager and she discussd a promotion with me, and asked if I was interested.  It would still include a little of what I know, which is payroll, but it would mainly be branching out more into reward and benefits - as Reward Manager to look after and develop our reward strategy from a strategic angle rather than just an administrative angle.

I was very flattered that my Manager saw something in me that was worth developing, and I was excited to take on a new challenge.  My new role officially began in February this year, and the fact that it came with a nice pay rise was something to smile about too.

If you had asked me a few years ago where I saw myself in my career at the age of 50+ I would have probably said, settled into some payroll job, maybe with a bit of responsibility - maybe training the next generation of payrollers, but basically going through the motions for the next 10 - 15 years'.  I certainly wouldn't have said 'embarking on an entirely new career direction, learning new skills and taking challenging qualifications'.

So, yes, that's something that I'm happy about!
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