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December Meme - Days 11 and 12

I got a day behind this week, so catching up today

December 11 → talk about volunteering/charity this year.

For someone who's not much of an athlete, I've been putting my best foot forward for a few charity events this year.

In February, I and around 60 of my colleagues set out on a 13 mile night walk in aid of Leukaemia research to support another colleague who was fighting that shitty illness.  Together we raised £8,000 toward a treatment centre at her local hospital so that other leukaemia sufferers in her county wouldn't have to travel miles to receive their very specialised treatment.

In September I ran/walked the 5k Pretty Muddy race in aid of Cancer Research.  This is the race that I had planned to do last year, but had to be binned because of my broken shoulder.  I ran it with a friend/neighbour and together we rised close on £500.

At the end of September, I and arounf 80 colleagues took part in the British Heart Foundation's fun run.  There were a number of events taking place simultaneously- a half marathon, and 10K, 5K and 2K runs. About 15 of us did the 2K run, and we did it dressed as smurfs just because...!  Together we raised arounf £4,500.

December 12 → talk about this year in medical news

In terms of medical matters, I'm delighted that compared to last year, this year has been wholly uneventful.  My shoulder is well-healed and pain free, and my menopause is running suspiciously smoothly.  There are no hot flushes, no skin problems, no hair loss, no periods (yay) and no urge to murder anyone in cold blood, so altogether I'm chalking that up as a win.  Of course, having said that, I've probably just totally jinxed myself, and I'll be a spotty, moulting, bloated, blazing hot basket-case by January!

In fact, the only thing of any note that's happened to my body this year is a filling that cracked about a week ago, and so I have a dentist visit scheduled on Monday to replace it.

So, yes, all good on the medical front!
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