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Reversebang Art Masterpost: Go Ask Alice, Dorothy

Art Masterpost for spn_reversebang
Art Title: Trip of a Lifetime
Prompt No: S2004
Fic Title: Go Ask Alice, Dorothy
Fic Link: to follow

Author: tiggeratl1

This has been a fun first-time collaboration with tiggeratl1 who chose my slightly psychedelic artwork of an over-medicated Dean.  She's created a great story which is truly psychedelic enough to do my art ample justice, so please make sure to go an read it and leave plenty of love!

Original Prompt

I wanted that 'psychedelic' feel to be a theme throughout the artwork, but I selected pastel colours so that it wouldn't be too much of an assault on the senses!  Of couse, I had to throw in a few sparkly unicorns and flying Impalas to reinforce the 'trippy' feel!

Title Banner:

Additional Art:

Tags: dean winchester, fan art, fan fiction, reversebang, sam winchester

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