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December Meme - Day 6

This is going to be a tough one because I don't think I've eaten anything over and above my usual sort of fare this year.

I've eaten out many times with friends and family over the year and all those meals, so far as I can remember, were all enjoyable to varying degrees.

So I'm not going to tell you about somewhere exotic and adventurous and unusual. I'm going to tell you about somewhere close and comfortable that makes us very happy.

Randalls is the lovely little coffee shop in our village.  It supplies all the usual drinks and treats that you would associate with a coffee shop, but on Friday nights it turns into a wine bar.

Every Friday evening that we're together and available, Mr D and I head down to the Randalls wine bar where we partake of their delicious antipasti board, together with a bottle of wine and a couple of cups of loose nuts.

The antipasti is finger food, so it's perfect for just picking and dipping and chatting, and that's what our Friday is.

It's the end of our working week.  Just a couple of hours when we can go to be together, away from the TV, away from phones, away from laptops, away from distractions generally and just talk and laugh and reacquaint after a busy week.

And of course, doing it while digging into this lovely spread doesn't hurt:

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