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December Meme - Day 5

It's one regret of my life that I don't have enough time to sit and read any more.  Sometimes I try to read for half an hour in bed, or while I'm on the static bike at the gym, or occasionally even in the bath, but it doesn't amount to much.  I remember back in the day I could get through a novel-length book in a week - these days it can take two or three months!

In between my work, hobbies and social life, I've only managed to read three complete books this year and no new ones, just old favourites.  They are:

Blind Faith by Ben Elton
Children of England by Alison Weir and
Watership Down by Richard Adams

At the moment I have two new books on the go on my kindle, and they are both Bill Bryson works:  'The Road to Little Dribbling' and 'At Home'.

Bill Bryson also has a new book out recently, 'The Body, an Occupant's Guide', and  that's next on my reading list - I've just got to buy it first!!!

It's an interesting fact to note that every book I've read this year is on my Kindle.  Although I have a whole wall of books in my office, I'm afraid I've gone to the dark side, and sacrificed that gorgeous 'book' feel and smell for convenience.

However, that said, I have lots of books that are illustrated, and no electronic device can substitute the sheer beauty of a glossy picture on a page in a book!
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