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December Meme - Day 3

I've been terribly remiss movie-wise this year.  I haven't been to the cinema once this year.  I've seen two new releases; one on DVD and one on Sky.

I saw Rocket Man, because I like Elton John's music, and it was a decent film with a great soundtrack, but I think Bohemian Rhapsody raised the bar too high on Music biopics for me, and I wasn't blown away by it.

I also saw Stan and Ollie, because Steve Coogan never disappoints, and he continued to impress as a brilliant Stan Laurel.  It was a cute and charming little film, with a nice balance of humour and angst to make it interesting.

Two new releases I really want to see are Mary Queen of Scots and Tolkein, so hopefully I'll get my arse in gear and see them soon!

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