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December Meme strikes again..

Last December, I did a 'December Meme'.  It was fun to do, and a great way to review a great year!

So I thought I'd do it again!!

(If you want to know the questions if you want to take part, just ask!)

I have deliberately decided not to include an Spn con picture here because I'm sure I'll have ample opportuities to post those on other days.  So this is me at London Film and Comic-con chanelling my best Cersei Lannister!

And I took this selfie on Saturday, demonstrating the indignities I put myself through to prevent myself looking like a grey-haired old antique!!!

I'm pretty rubbish at asking for Christmas gifts; I have mostly everything I could want, so it's hard to think of things!

I know I'm going to get money from my parents and Mr D's Mum, so that's my con flights taken care of.
I'm sure I will love whatever else I get from Mr D, friends and colleagues!
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