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Happy Post: A brilliant day with brilliant people

Today was our annual hunter girl Christmas gathering in London.

Every year we do this, and normally we gather together seven or eight people to enjoy the Christmas festivities.  This year, somehow, we managed to gather 16 of us together, made up of the usual miscreants such as jj1564, amberdreams, xlittleangx, edina_clouds128, 999alena, theymp, heavenli24, andiivalo plus a couple of overseas lovelies (herminekurotowa I'm looking at you), and a few newbies.

And big thanks go to xlittleangx for organising the whole shindig to run like clockwork!

As always, a good time was had by all - Spn-themed Christmas Crackers, Spn-themed Secret Santa (my Jensen Ackles calendar will take my drool dehydration to a whole new level), great food and awesome conversation.

The afternoon was rounded off to perfection when three of us headng home via Waterloo Station stopped off for a aride on the South Bank carousel!!

There will never be a day that dawns when I won't be happy and grateful that I found our little show and, as a result, this great group of people!

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