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Dizzo Update


I'm sorry I haven't been around that much this week.  There's no sinister reason for that except that it's been a mad week in work.  We've been moving our payroll over to a new payroll bureau, so over the last few weeks, after five parallel runs on the payrolls from June to October, finally we were ready in November to make the move.

We have 750 people relying on their paycheck going into the bank on Thursday next week, and so that's a whole lot of checking and balancing, then double checking and re-balancing.  So it's been intense.  My brain and eyes have been boggled beyond belief by the time I got home most evenings, and so I really wasn't up to writing anything - far less anything remotely entertaining!!!

Anyhoo, I had a lovely diversion today when I met our gorgeous jj1564 and her two sisters for lunch.  We met up in a great pub called the Half Moon, and because the pub was only five minutes from my home, Mr D was my chauffer so that I could have a drinkie or two for the occasion.  So JJ finally got to meet the elusive Mr D :)

Aside from our little soiree today, my only plans for the weekend are to crack on with my latest commission, a husky called Storm.  It's going to be nice to get my head stuck into something that doesn't involve numbers just for once this week!!!

Hopefully this picture will look very different next time you see it!

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