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Reversebang Art Masterpost: Once a King in Narnia, Always a king in Narnia

Art Masterpost for spn_reversebang
Art Title: I don't think we're in Vancouver any more...
Prompt No: R1005
Fic Title: Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia
Fic Link: AO3
Author: zara_zee

This has been another wonderful Reversebang collaboration with zara_zee who, as always, has been a delight to work with, and has created an amazing piece of work from my art.  Please make sure to read the brilliant fic that she has gifted us with!

Original Prompt:

As soon as I received zara_zee's first draft, I could see that the story was all based around elemental beings, and my mind immediately went to natural themes with the emphasis on the colour green .

Title Banner:

Additional art:

As a base for my pictures, I looked out for landscapes with a lot of depth which looked as if they could be leading the viewer into another dimension, to give that sense of the ethereal which is so evident throughout the story...

Text Dividers:

Tags: fan art, fan fiction, jared, jensen, misha, reversebang

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