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Happy Post: Miracle Day Returns

So, today I pottled off to the Renaissance Hotal at Heathrow to my very first Torchwood con.

I was only there for today so I wanted to make the most of my time.  In the end that was quite easy to do as it was a relatively small con, only about 500 people.

I started the day early with three photo ops, one after the other; Kai Owen, otherwise known as Rhys, Gareth David-Lloyd, otherwise known as Ianto and Eve Myles, otherwise know as Gwen.

After my photos, I had a bit of a lull, so the hotel's on-site Starbucks did well out of me beforee I headed into the main hall for the stage talks.

There were talks with all of the above and they all blended into one as they all gatecrashed each others' panels.  Together they were so engaging.  They were funny, irreverent and filthy!!!  As far as Kai and Gareth were concerned, the answer to every single question (including mine) involved John Barrowman's willy in some way shape or form!!!!!

After the stage talks and a spot of lunch - a bowl of chips in the hotel bar - we had our autographs, and my artwork was well received.

I headed off about 6.30 pm and because it was all at Heathrow, it only took me about 25 minutes to get home!

But anyhow, here are the mugshots ...

It's been such a fun day and I would definitely consider a Torchwood con again!
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