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Duo of Dean Drabbles

Here's a duo of my most recent drabbles in which Dean is a complete and lovable ******* (insert favourite obscenity here) :D

These were both written for the Fanfiction.net weekend drabble challenge, and are both rated K+


Challenge word was 'bloodcurdling'

The anticipation is as good as the end result...


It was the middle of the night, and the bunker was in darkness.

Dean sat in his room, and waited. The sense of anticipation was overwhelming; tingling on his skin, buzzing in his ears, pounding his heart.

He couldn't help the faint smirk that played across his lips, as his fingers twitched, tapping on his thigh.

Suddenly, Dean heard the patter of bare feet along the corridor, and the bathroom light click.

He held his breath.


A bloodcurdling scream broke the silence, and Dean punched the air in triumph.

Sam had found the clown mask he taped under the toilet lid.




The challenge word was 'wreck'

When something needs doing, Dean will go to any lengths to get it done.


"Holy crap Dean, what the hell's happened?"

Sam gaped in shock at in the wreckage in the bunker's main hall; smashed chairs, toppled tables, upturned bookshelves and a smoking crater in the ceiling.

"Hey Sam," Dean grinned.

"Dean," Sam gasped; "what the hell? It looks like a bomb's hit us!"

"Massive freakin spider, Sam," Dean replied; "the creepy bastard was hanging down from the ceiling right above my chair."

Sam blinked. "All this for a freaking spider? Where is it now?"

Dean casually blew across the muzzle of the grenade launcher he was holding, and gave a smug snort.

"It's gone Sam, it's resting in pieces."



Tags: dean, drabbles, fan fiction, humour, supernatural

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