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At the Going Down of the Sun and In the Morning...

On this day when we remember the best and the bravest, I give thanks that I live in a nation where, as a woman, I can walk the streets freely, enjoy a reasonable education and have any opportunity that I am prepared to work for.

There is a lot of political unhappiness here in the UK and around the world generally right now, but I also give thanks that I live in a country where I can openly criticise my Government without censure.

And as a general election looms here in the next few weeks, I give thanks that I live in a country where I can vote in a democratic process.

I get to enjoy those rights because generations of exceptional men and women before me gave everything to protect me, my way of life, and this damp little island I live on.

Yesterday, a beautiful Autumn sun shone on Lightwater's war memorial as I, and hundreds of others, remembered those exceptional people.

Remembering, in particular, my Grandad.  Arthur William Ludlow, known to his friends as Dick.  8th July 1922 - 16 August 2009
Royal Air Force, 621 Squadron.

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