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Happy Post: A Gift for Casey28

My dear friend casey28 has gifted me this!!!

After I sent out an SOS, because it's not available in the UK, some of my lovely US friends have stepped up to the plate.  This is my first one to arrive!!

I also have a Jensen cover and a Misha cover on the way in due course. Ultimately I'd like to get a Jared cover and complete the set, but I'm not pressing my luck; if I get the opportunity, I'll be thrilled.  For now, I'm delighted and very grateful with what I've got!

Now, I intend to treat all of my benefactors in time, however, I asked Casey if she'd like a drabble and if so, what sort of a drabble she would like and she suggested a brotherly moment, especially one involving the amulet.

And so, for casey28


Sam and the Amulet – very different, and exactly the same.


From the moment all those years ago that Sam had gifted the amulet to Dean, and Dean had gratefully hung it around his neck, everything had seemed right.  It wasn’t just a heavy little pendant with a funny face that Dean was wearing close to his heart, Sam knew that by extension, Dean was placing him there as well.

During those tumultuous years after Dean’s heart broke and he discarded the amulet, a gaping wound opened between the brothers. Days were dark and distant and Sam had never felt so lost and adrift.

Then years later, Chuck returned the amulet, and Dean returned it to its rightful home.

And Sam came with it.


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