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In support of Jared

I've kept fairly quiet about all this business about Jared's misadventures this week.  No-one except the people involved know the full story, and right now Jared and his family need privacy and support, not sensationalism.

I understand there's been a lot of comment, and unsurprisingly a certain amount of hate from certain quarters in the fandom (which I go out of my way to avoid).

All I'll say is that unless these people who are so quick to judge someone else, have never in their entire life made a bad choice or an error of judgement, they should just shut the fuck up.  No-one's interested in their sanctimonious ramblings.

Being a flawed person is very different to being a bad person, and Jared's previous life has proved to anyone that, yes - like every other human being on the planet  - he's flawed, but he's a good, decent bloke and what's gone on recently would appear to be an out-of-character aberration.  The only thing that's clear from all this is that Jared doesnt seem to be in good place right now, and it's good to see that the majority of our fandom is right behind him with their support.

So what's gone on recently doesn't make me think any less of Jared, it just makes me feel concerned for him.   Jared has my love and support now and always.  As there is an ocean between us, I can't give him a proper hug right now, so here's a virtual hug instead.

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