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Happy Post: Out on the Town

I had a lovely day out in London yesterday, while Mr D was at home having fun with the laundry wrecking the place.

I was out with four of the lovely ladies I work with, and our day out was basically a glorified pub crawl around some of the more historical and interesting pubs around London Bridge/Soho areas.

We started off with a classic British cider (not fizzy and served at ambient temperature) at the South Bank Food Market, and then worked our way around Gordons, the oldest wine bar in London at London Bridge, the famous Sherlock Holmes pub at Charing Cross (deerstalker hats included) and the Cross Keys, Soho.

In between times, we were dodging the Brexit demonstrations and at one point, we got caught up in the march around Trafalgar Square, which was hilarious ... at least we didn't end up getting arrested!!!

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