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That Was The Week That Was ... (words and pictures)

Well, that was the week that was!

Good entertainment, good food, good wine, great company, beautiful weather and more raw sex appeal than you can shake a stick at.  Not a bad weeks’ work!

It’s approximately three years since I made the first tentative steps into the Supernatural fandom, three and a half years since I discovered the joy that is supernatural and this was due to be the first time I was going to meet Jensen actually ‘in the flesh’.  (I should be so lucky) …

Therefore, I think it’s important that I give a little context here.  I’m in the eternal city.  2,000 years of history around me, the seat of Christianity, the cradle of western civilisation ... and all I could think about was giving Jensen a squeeze.

I think this proves beyond all reasonable doubt that I need to employ the services of someone with letters after their name.

Anyhoo, Jus in Bello was 3 days of glorious madness, it was such a shame that Jared had to cry off, but I totally understand – he’s doing what a good husband should do and supporting his wife at a difficult time.  I wish Gen’s family only the very best in the awful circumstances they find themselves in.

But back to Jensen; he looks fantastic, he sounds fantastic, he even smells fantastic.  Am I biased?  Oh, god yes.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos on youtube by now.   If you haven’t get yourselves over there – the man was on form and relaxed and fun and … well, gorgeous!


Of course, I mustn’t neglect all the other guests – Richard, Rob, Ty, Brock, Sebastian, Matt, Steve Carlson, Jason Manns and of course the ubiquitous Misha.  I fell in love a dozen times over in one weekend.  Heck, I love Supernatural.

After JIB con, a few days were spent exploring Rome with my partners in crime Viv and Amber.  We failed to find any gladiators (boo), learned a great deal about the Emperor Maxentius, the Abandoned city of Ostia and not to order the Nutella Ice Cream.  We also got various bodily particles groped by various handsy Italian men.  Why couldn’t they be Jensen?

On return to the UK, we headed forth to Asylum 10, and another weekend of wonderful, blissful madness. 

There are certain things you can only say as a Supernatural fan, and ‘I love Death’ is one of them.  Julian is the sweetest, most charming, lovely man you could ever hope to meet, and he gives awesome hugs too.

Asylum 6

Osric is sweet as treacle, especially when he fancy-dressed as the incredible hulk on Friday night and turned up green for everyone’s photo ops on Saturday because his body paint didn’t wash off properly!

Asylum 3

And, then there was Ty.  What can I say about that man?  There is no rule he will not break. There is no alcohol he will not drink.  There is no hug he will not hug.

Asylum 7

I love Ty.  We all loved Ty J

I love supernatural

I have post-con blues, and real life sucks.

Phooey L
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