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Well, it's been a funny old day ...

So, it was this morning, pissing down with rain, when I set off driving to work.

I'm half a mile away from the office, just over the level crossing, and stationary in a queue of traffic, when ... WHAM!  Some prat in a giant Mercedes 4WD runs straight into the back of me.

After the sunt, I was sitting in the queue, and decided to wait until the traffic moved then pull over to a safe place, plus the idiot was too close to me for me to see his registration plate, so I needed to put a bit of space between us.  And when the traffic finally moved, I inched forward and ... the git took a sharp left, and disappeared up a side road!!!

So I ended up limping the last half mile to work in my poorly car which has now got a stoven in back end and a boot that can't close (or lock), so is effectively not safely driveable!

Anyway, the insurance has now kicked in and I have a hire car, and the garage is due to pick up my poorly car probably tomorrow. I've reported the accident to the police because it was a hit and run and, therefore, a crime. And most importantly, I'm fine.  I live in a country which has - probably - fifty billion CCTV cameras all over it, so I'm really hoping that my accident didn't happen on the one square inch of land that wasn't overlooked by one.  Because if the insurance company find this bugger, I've got a £175 excess bill for him to pay!

Anyhow, after what was, arguably a monumentally shitty morning, it's been a lovely evening as we've celebrated Mr D's birthday.  We've had takeout curry, wine and cake, and Mr D got lots of lovely cards and gifts!

Here's Mr D demonstrating what a real, good bloke looks like as opposed to some spineless toss-bag that runs away from his responsibilities!

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