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Animal Attraction: A Jensen with Animals picspam

As yesterday was World Animal Day, it seemed appropriate to mark the occasional in a suitably Jensenish way.  Therefore, I am thrilled and delighted to present a picspam of Jensen with animals.

Fur and feather, paws and claws.  In this picspam I aim to represent all areas of the animal kingdom that Jensen has touched.  Suddenly I'm jealous...

Beware of this picspam, because in addition to the usual pretty, we have tons of cute as well.

You have been warned.

Jensen has crossed paths with several animals during the course of our show.  Dean is known to have a particular fondness for bunnies.
Bunnies generally think that Dean is an all-round awesome dude!

Dean definitely prefers his bunnies in one piece.

Unlike Dean, Jensen loves dogs.
He loves to hug big dogs ...

... and to embarrass small ones.

Sometimes he hangs out with cartoon dogs.

Although Dean is a little wary of dogs, it didn't stop him turning into one once.

Cats are another matter.
Jensen likes cats, but he couldn't eat a whole one.

Dean doesn't have the best history with cats.

Dean is allergic to cats, but it appears that Jensen isn't.

And Misha most definitely isn't!

Now, it is a widely known fact that Jensen grew up around horses, and is very comfortable around them.
I swear I've never seen a horse look smug before...

Dean however, is not so enamoured.
(Can we just take a moment to reflect on how sad that horse looks!)

Then of course, there was the time that loads of fangirls asked Jensen to show us his cute ass...

Who could possibly forget Steve, the JIB unicorn ...
Jensen wishes he could.

Jensen's holding a little wallably.
And I'm feeling a little wobbly...

Jensen clearly likes that chumbly little ratty thing.
He never looks at me like that ...

You can actually see Jensen regretting his life choices here ...

It's not all cute animals that Jensen hangs out with.
To Jensen this is a hat ornament...

To Dean, it's packed lunch.

If I were less of a sensible, sober and responsible adult, this is where I would be making inappropriate jokes about Jensen holding something long, thick and hard.

Oh look, there's something long, thick and hard between Jensen's legs ...

Scary bird gets to sit on Jensen Ackles and gaze into his eyes.
Scary bird is all of us...

Jensen has gone on record as saying he likes the sea and would have loved to be a fisherman.

Hopefully, he wouldn't try to catch Salmon Dean.

Of course, I can't forget to include Jensen's favourite animal...


And finally ...
A Dizzo picspam without a shirtless picture ...?

Oh dear.  Someone told Jensen there's a spider in his t-shirt.
What?  Don't look at me...

*innocently whistles*

Credit as per watermark where appropriate.
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