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National Poetry Day

To celebrate national poetry day, I've been rummaging through my fanfiction collection, and here's a little ode I wrote on behalf of Bobby a few years ago ...

Bobby reflects on his extended family

My name is Robert Singer

But Bobby's what I like

I run the Singer Salvage yard

I'll scrap ya car or bike


I also have another job

That doesn't pay the bills

I hunt the creatures in the night

The things that stalk and kill


That job, of course, it's dangerous

It's punishing and dark

It twists the soul and breaks the man

And leaves a stone cold heart


But even then it's not all bad

See, I found myself some help

Two young brothers, Sam and Dean

I've known since they were whelps


Sam's a great long lanky drink,

With a brain inside his skull

Always thinking, working hard

A caring, thoughtful soul


Dean's a fighter, smart and strong

And loyal to a fault

With desire to protect and love

that's deeper than Hell's vault


So they's my boys and yeah, they're mine

Although they're not my blood

They showed this old drunk how to care

They taught me how to love



Tags: bobby singer, dean winchester, fan fiction, national poetry day, sam winchester

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