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An Interesting Project!

I have an interesting art project on the go at the moment...

My cousin's partner, Steve, is a keen golfer and he has just been appointed Captain of the club where he plays, and apparently, it is a tradition for Club Captains to commission a Captain's cartoon to mark their tenure.  So my cousin has asked me to produce said cartoon!

Now normally, cartoons aren't really my thing.  I mean, I enjoy them, but art-wise, they're not really my style, but it's a favour for family, so how could I refuse???

As it's turning out, I'm enjoying the challenge, and I thought it night be fun to record my progress!

So, to start with ... this is the joke:
(And to get this, you need to know that Steve is not known for his good timekeeping.  He's also known as 'Dutch' because his last name is Holland.)

Steve (seen from the back) making a big shot, and shouting 'FIVE' (not 'fore' which is what golfers normally shout when they slice a shot)

Two golfers in the distance:

Golfer one: 'five?'
Golfer two: 'oh don't worry, that's Dutch, he's always late.'

I've started off by putting in the background, which is mostly just suggested in colour by pastel blended into the paper.  I've included a treeline on both sides to give the impression of a narrow golf course.  Unfortunately these colours look a bit insipid here because the photo was taken under domestic light with a flash.

I cleaned Steve's figure back to the white paper with a putty rubber, and now I've fixed the background to give it some degree of protection while I work on the foreground details.  I also picked out an arc suggesting the trajectory of the ball with a putty rubber and a french curve.

And that's my progress so far ...

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