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Happy Post - It's the Smurfs!

So this morning, I and several colleagues ran the Blenheim Palace Fun Run.

The weather did it's best to scupper the day, but after driving to Oxfordshire in pissing rain, and then driving back from Oxfordshire in the same delightful weather, the rain actually managed to hold off for the most part while we were there.

We had decided that fancy dress was the way to go, and as our company's branded T shirts were royal blue, it didn't take us long to decide on a smurf theme.

So, here are a few mugshots of a fun day.  So far, we've raised over £4,000 for the British Heart Foundation, so it looks like smurfing it up was well worthwhile!!

And here's a little vid of me and another lady crossing the finsh line!!!

Tags: facts about me, happy post, silliness

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