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I must be nuts ...

Okay, so I know lots of you were kind enough to sponsor me for my Pretty Muddy escapades last week and in doing so, helped me raise a fabulous £250 for Cancer Research UK.

Well this Sunday, because I clearly have a very large screw loose, I'm taking part in a work fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation.

At Blenheim Palace in beautiful Oxfordshire there are a number of events taking place - a 2k fun run, a 10k run and a half marathon. Basically, I shall be flogging my arse 2k around Blenheim Park in the (most probably) pissing rain, dressed as a smurf.

If that's not worth a penny of anyone's hard earned, I don't know what is!!

There will, of course, be pictures!!!

Fundraising page

Thank you xx
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