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Happy Post: I did it!!!

So, today was the day ...

Last year, as part of my 50th birthday celebratons, I set myself the target of doing the 5k Pretty Muddy funrun and obstacle course in aid of Cancer Research UK.  Then I broke my shoulder last June and my fracture clinic doc put the kybosh on the whole thing.  So once again this year, with a freshly-healed shoulder and because a lot of lovely peeps had already sponsored me, I was committted to do the challenge this year instead, and today was the day!

Along with my friend and lovely neighbour Becky, we tackled the 5k course, with its selection of obstacles, all of which involved copious amounts of mud and people who's specific purpose was spraying you down with cold water!  The sun shone for us the whole day, and it was a great fun morning.

We finished the whole course in just over an hour and were met at the finish line by Mr D and Becky's husband, Mark.

Together (including my fundraising last year), we raised around £500 for cancer research.

Anyway, there are the photos of the day - enjoy!!

Before the start:

Celebrating people I've lost, and people I know and love who are still fighting this shitty illness.

And we're off:

That's what I think of Mr D's particular brand of encouragement!

The aftermath!


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