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Picspam: Heaven Eleven

This week marks eleven years since a certain cute angel with questionable fashion sense entered our lives.  In those eleven years, we have seen him go through several iterations from smitey holier-than-thou angel of the lord, through confused and conflicted fallen angel, confused and conflicted human/angel, leviathan, lucifer vessel, dead angel, and finally beloved, loyal and adorably literal angelic friend and brolther to the boys.

So I had a plan to make a picspam of eleven pictures celebrating the life and times of everyone's favourite angel, and then I realised what a stupidly small number eleven is ...

... herewith twenty-something pictures of everyone's favourite angel!

(and one tapeball)

Castiel first appeared in our lives after demolishing several buildings and Dean's eardrums in arguably one of the most spectacular and badass entrances of the show's long history.

When he first appeared, he was terribly serious and righteous.

He liked to take himself away to seek revelation. Here he is seeking revelation - and trying to figure out where he dropped his rubiks cube.

As time went on, he grew to love the boys, and developed a profound bond with Dean.  Dean's influence had a significant effect on Castiel...

He learned to impersonate federal officers:

What to do (and NOT to do) in brothels:

And all about the joy of watching porn:

The porno pizza man had a significant effect on Castiel too:

Dean also taught Castiel how to look badass in a hat:

Thanks to Dean, Castiel also learned what to do when he found a liquor store.

Dean was a significant influence on Castiel, I didn't say he was a GOOD one!

Castiel has been seen in a number of different guises.  He has been a leviathan:

A human called Steve:

A cartoon:

A douchey actor in an alternate universe:

Satan's vessel:

And dead.

And when he's dying he makes hearbreaking speeches to Sam and Dean that makes every fangirl cry themselves to dehydration

But thankfully Castiel spends most of his time not being dead, and that gives us plenty of time to enjoy him being the Castiel we all know and love.

Who could NOT love this face?

This is our Castiel who thinks being a 'third wheel' is a good thing:

Who interrogates cats:

And who has perfected the skill of making sandwiches ... whilst shrinking, apparently.
(Angels are good at multi-tasking)

We also love to see brief flashes of the rare but much loved and admired 'Cas Sass'

Oh, mee-ow!

An eye-roll that only Crowley could ellicit.

So, to conclude this short celebration of Castiel appreciation, I refer you to the words of the man who knows him better than anyone else ...

Castiel.  We salute you!
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