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Happy Post: Well, I needed that!

This weekend was about perfect as it gets.  Mr D and I were sitting in the garden, and trying to work out the last time we had two or more free days together, just to relax.  Nowhere to go, no-one to be with, and no commitments.  And incredibly as it sounds, we reckon it was Easter at least!  That's why this weekend was such a bloody great tonic for both of us.

Just us, and three days of unbroken sunshine so that we could stay out in the garden all day.  I was sitting at the patio table writing and arting, while Mr D was tinkering with an old bike from his workshop.   We had the water feature trickling away all day from morning to dusk so our fish in the little pond at the bottom of it were oxygenated to all hell and were high as kites by Monday evening!! XD

We didn't get out of bed before 9 am any of the three days, and that was glorious!  And the best thing is that when I did pop down to the garage on Saturday, the mechanic said I didn't need my brakes doing yet anyway - he reckons they've got six months left in them!

Walking down to the coffee shop for breakfast a couple of mornings was about as much exercise as we got!  But we didn't let that get in the way of plenty of good food and wine :D

So yes, I'm a happy Dizzo and feel more rested and refreshed than I have for a long time!

Just to put the icing on a wondedrful weekend, we had a lovely little unexpected gift turn up in the post from an old friend.  It was for our anniversary, and I think I found it funnier than Mr D did :D!

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