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Because as you all know, I am a reserved and dignified person ...

Okay, next week, I fly off to Rome for Jus in Bello convention with a my lovely fandom friends and I finally, FINALLY, get to meet Jensen and Jared - might even get a surreptitious squeeze if I'm lucky, followed up by an equally awesome weekend back in merry old blighty at Asylum 10 where I can encore my Jared squeeze, and indulge in a bit of Impala love too! 

I am ever so slightly, just a teeny weeny little bit excited about this.
Just a word of warning; if you hear a loud bang anytime soon, that'll be my ovaries exploding!


As you can see, the boys are really excited about meeting me too ...
Tags: asylum 10, fandom, happy dizzo, jared, jensen, jus in bello

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