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One of those days!!!

Back last year when Mr D turned the big 5-0, I bought him a special gift for his big birthday - a flight in a tiger moth biplane.

Because Mr D's birthday is in the Autumn (October), the flying season is more or less over by then; so he had to wait until spring this year to book his flight, and it ended up being ... today!

So, both taking a day off work for this event, this morning we headed up to Duxford, a big airfield in the east of England which also houses a branch of the Imperial War Museum.  It's about a ninety-minute drive from home, and we'd got within about ten minutes of the place when Mr D's mobile rang, and I took the call.

The bloody flight had to be cancelled because of the wind strength!

However, as we were so close, we decided to press on regardless, as we could at least go to the museum, and maybe rebook the flight.

When we got there and checked in, the flight company were very apologetic, but obviously it'ss not their fault, and they have to put safety first, it was disappointing though because there were lots of other small planes going up.  The wind was within range for them, but biplanes are so flimsy and light, their wind limit is next to nothing!

To be fair, the flight company offered Mr D an hour in a Cessna as an alternative but, as he said, he's done that with knobs on.  He's flown in Cessnas a dozen times or more - he's even flown them himself; there's nothing new to experience, so he decided to hang on for the biplane.  So, they're sending him an email this week, and then he can book another time.  And I'll keep everything crossed for the weather :D  (being British, my expectations in that respect are very low!!!!)

We ended up having a nice couple of hours mooching round the museum before we headed home and had a leisurely afternoon at home!

Do you think Dean would appreciate a flight in a biplane??

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