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Happy Post - GISH Shenanigans

So that was GISH for another year.

It was a fun week, albeit with a smaller team than usual, and we never got the opportunity to get together at any stage to do any group challenges, but even so with a team of nine (of which two ended up not taking part - one because of real life and one because she disappeared from the face of the earth), we still managed to complete forty tasks!

So, for what it's worth ... here are my contributions to our GISH efforts this year: 

The Federation of Stormtroopers has been officially sponsored by the X Games this year. Let's see a highlight from one of their competitions with the stormtrooper participating in an extreme sport.
(I was at Comic-Con when the list was announced - how could I NOT take this one on?)

Misha doesn’t have a ton of skills other than “acting on camera”, but he does try hard. He’s also at a potential career transition point. Help him explore other career paths by creating a poster of him photoshopped doing another job you think he’d be suited for.

Write your resume as a haiku.

Part of your job for the Mars Tourism bureau is managing PR. Design a brochure or poster that convinces people to visit our timeshare at Scenic Mt. gishwhes (on Mars).

You know that feeling, when there's a word on the tip of your tongue but you just can't seem to say it? Show us that word. On the tip of your tongue.

You're a _____, Harry! It's Harry Potter's birthday today (July 31). Let's envision what other jobs Harry Potter might've ended up doing if Hagrid had failed to make it to the hut-on-the-rock and Harry hadn't made it to Hogwarts. Post your image to social media with hashtag #GISH and #MuggleJobsForWizards.

And it wasn't all silly stuff...

Between us we managed to make a ‘bee saloon on a pole’ for tired and overworked bees to have a drink, delivered supplies to families and children in a US border detention centre, made a musical instructional video on recognising stroke symptoms, and set up a charity page to raise funds for mine clearing and the provision of prosthetic limbs for mine victims in Laos ($230,000 raised by all GISH teams worldwide so far, our team raise $175 of that).

So that was GISH week, and I'm proud to have taken part!
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