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Flyby Hello!

I'm just checking in after a busy weekend, while I'm having a bit of downtime on the ferry home!

It's been busy, but in the best kind of way.  My dapplegrey art show has been wonderful this weekend - today has been storming; I've barely sat down and - to be honest - am completely knackered, but the dapplegrey art coffers are well and truly replenished!

Best of all, this little dude headed off to a wonderful new home today...

As a nice diversion, my Mum's younger sister and niece came over for the weekend, and we were able to catch up for a family meal on Saturday night at a nice Pub in Newport called the Bargeman's Rest (one of my favourites, and my recommendation!)

So yes, all-in-all a nice weekend, to round off a wonderful GISH week!
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