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The Food of Love

It seems like fifty million years, give or take an eon or two, that I actually posted any fanfic on my journal.  So herewith is a little ficlet full of  chocolate and naked Dean, two of my most favourite things, I wrote a couple of weeks back as a birthday treat to myself ...

Genre: Humour
Rating: T
Word Count: 400
Warnings: Spoilers for 5.08 - Changing Channels. T Rating and warning for naughtiness involving chocolate.


Having seen Sam made to look a complete fool through his Herpexia ordeal, Dean was somewhat dismayed to suddenly find himself sprawled luxuriantly in a deep marble bathtub.
Immersed in champagne, he was covered with a scattering of crimson rose petals, and in the subdued lighting, the warm glow of a dozen chocolate-scented candles flickered and danced around him.
The softly melodic strains of Satie's Gymnopedie floated across the room, played by expert fingers on distant harpstrings.
Dean irritably flicked away a rose petal that clung to his damp chest, and glanced around himself.
"What the freakin' hell … ?"
Scanning the room in confusion, Dean spied an autocue at the end of the bath.
He opened his mouth to speak, but his voice faltered when a cube of chocolate was slipped into his mouth by a blonde beauty wearing, only just, a delicate gold toga, who suddenly materialised beside the bath.
The exquisite flavour burst like creamy heaven across his tongue, and his eyes slowly rolled back into his head. He let out an involuntary noise that sounded uncomfortably like a pitiful whine and gaped like a fool.
If this is death by chocolate, then bring it on!
A moment later, a similarly attired brunette on his other side slipped a tantalising morsel of chocolate fool between his lips on her fingertip.
"Play your part," she murmured softly.
"Right, yeah," he stammered hesitantly, staring at the autocue; "uh, L'amour, the chocolate for lovers ..."
"... um, when you've had a, uh, hard day, make L'amour, the climax of ..." Dean moaned softly, salivating as another cube of chocolate breached his lips; "... of your evening."
A teasing fingertip traced a sticky path of melting whipped cream down his chin.
"L'amour ..." he babbled helplessly, mouth bulging with sweet chocolate bliss; "... a truly orgasmic experience."
Eyes closed, Dean's head dropped limply onto the end of the bathtub, and his lips parted expectantly to accept another delicious treat.
But when his eyes opened again, it wasn't the blonde beauty that greeted him, but the grinning face of the Trickster, wearing nothing but a gold loincloth and a smug grin.
"Hey bucko!"
Dean's stomach lurched.
Goddamn friggin' Trickster - fooled again!
The Trickster munched on a chocolate cube and glanced down the length of the bathtub from Dean's chocolate-smeared face to his feet.
He swallowed the chocolate and frowned in disapproval.
"Did I chill that champagne a bit too much!"
Tags: dean winchester, fan fiction, humour, naked, supernatural, trickster

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