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Meme-y Stuff

This meme has been doing the rounds on Facebook so I decided to give it a whirl ...

💍 Marriages: 1
💍 Engagements: 1
💔 Divorces: 0
👶 Kids: 0
👦 Brothers: 0
👧 Sisters: 0
🐕 Current pets: 0
👩🏼‍⚕️ Surgeries: 1, broken elbow surgically repaired
Tattoos: 2
🌴 Been to an Island: Yes, many, I live on one
✈️ Flown on a Plane: Yes, many times
🚑 Rode in an Ambulance: Twice as a casualty
🎤 Sang Karaoke: Yes - badly
Ice Skating: Yes, I was rubbish!
🚢 Been on a Cruise: Yes, Nile cruise
🏍 Rode on a Motorcycle: No
🏍 Owned a Motorcycle: No
🐴 Rode on a Horse: Yes
🏥 Stayed in a Hospital: Yes (see surgery answer above)
🍓 Favourite Fruit: Lots, petty much anything that's not red.
🌓 Favourite Day: Saturday
🌈 Favourite Colour: Teal, Aquamarine, Turquoise, any of that family of blue/green colours

Last phone call: My Dad
☕️ Coffee or Tea: probably coffee
🥧 Favourite Pie: chicken and mushroom
🍕 Favourite pizza : Quattro Formaggi
🐶 Cat or Dog: either
☃️ Favourite season: Spring
⭐️ Met a star: lots, particularly at conventions - they're stars to me, maybe not to everyone!
🚁 Rode in a helicopter: Yes
📺 Been on tv: Yes (Candid Camera)
🦴 Broken a bone: Left wrist, left elbow, left humerus, left Shoulder, nose, two toes … does knocking my two front teeth out count? Do the words 'accident         prone' mean anything...?
👻 Seen a ghost: Not that I know of?
🤮 Been sick in a taxi: Yes, but I was a child and travel sick, so I think I can be excused.
⚰️ Seen someone die: From a distance, yes. (light aircraft crash)

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