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Celebration: Happy Birthday Parade!

We're having a month of celebration over at spn_on_parade, because today we celebrate our fifth birthday!

Five years is a great run for any community on Livejournal, but we still tick along nicely, documenting the adventures - or possibly misadventures - of our ever-growing population of little Pop Funko peeps.  I co-mod with jj1564 and milly_gal and I can thank our little community for bringing those two wonderful ladies into my life over the last five years, and for that alone, I love it!

Modding the community has tested my creativity and imagination to its limit, but has also brought me endless hours of joy and fun.

Over 100 people watch and take part in what is arguably the cutest and craziest corner of Livejournal on a regular basis and although, at its most basic level, we're just three grown women playing with a lot of plastic dolls, I've had people tell me the community has put smiles on their faces during tough times, and that truly is something to celebrate.

It's a little place of fun and whimsy, where quikiness and absurdity rule and adulting is actively discouraged.  Our mini-boys regularly indulge in such regular frolics as Cooking with Crowley, Guess the Episode and Teeny Weeny Halloweeny. It's silly, and it's infantile and I couldn't be more proud of it!

Come visit us - we don't bite!!

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