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Meme-y stuff

Memory lane meme.

Amber1960 gave me age 18, which was a LOOOOONG time ago.  1986 in fact.

(If you want to do this, tell me how old you are now and I'll pick an age.)

I lived: about two miles down the road from where I live now

I drove: nothing, I hadn't passed my driving test then.  I took the train to work.

I was in a relationship with: no-one at that time, I didn't meet my husband for another five years.  I was a lone ranger!

I feared: probably still the same as my big fear now: losing those I love.

I worked: for a swiss engineering company in their typing pool and it was one of the earliest and hardest lessons about working life I ever had.  My first and only experience of being bullied at work.

I wanted to be: an artist.  It took me another 20 years to get my arse in gear, but I got there in the end!

Phew, need to go and lie down now!
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