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Happy Post: Good News

Some of you may remember, back in February I started a qualification for my work, a Level 5 award in Reward Management.

For those who aren't familiar with the UK vocational qualification levels, a level 5 is equivalent to a foundation degree, or in this case, one module of a foundation degree.

It's been a really interesting exercise, not least because I haven't done any academic qualifications for YEARS!  And after ploughing through the coursework, this was the final assignment, which I would be graded on:

It took me about four weeks to write it, reference it and generally pull it all together, and a few days ago, I finally got confirmation...


So I'm a happy bunny now, and *shrugs* yeah, I'm proud of myself!

I've been told it will be a couple of weeks before the certificate comes though, but that's fine, I don't mind waiting.

It's given me an appetite to go on and do the level 7 award, which is postgrad level, but that's maube for next year.  For now, I'm just looking forward to having the rest of the year with no studying to do at weekends :)

In the meantime, because I want to share the joy, here's some celebratory Jensen for you aall!


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