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Happy Post: Ships that pass in the ... Day

I've been over on the Isle of Wight this weekend, visiting the family, and we had a nice uneventful weekend, just quietly celebrating my Dads birthday on Sunday.

However, on the way home, I had a bit of excitement on the ferry crossing home.

After we'd been at sea for a few minutes, the Captain came over the PR system and made a public announcement.

'If anyone is interested, in five minutes we will pass the Cruise Ship Queen Victoria, who is just leaving Southampton on her way to Norway.  She's 294 metres long with a tonnage of just over 90,000.  Five minutes after we pass her, we will pass the Cruise Ship Crown Princess, leaving Southampton for the Caribbean.  She's 290 metres long with a tonnage of 113,000.  You can see them both out to the port side ... that's the left.'

So, I headed up onto the ferry's sun deck, because I thought it would be fun to get a look at these monsters!

The ferry I was on and both these ships greeted each other with a long honk of their horn, and I think my eardrums might have melted!!

Anyway, here are some photos of two REALLY big ships!

Queen Victoria approaching

She's a big ol' bird! (Sorry about the bystander, I couldn't get past him!)

Thar she goes!

Off to Norway :)

And there's the Crown Princess

Off to sunny climes

She'd just blasted my ears off at this point!

That little red and white bathtub just emerging from behind her is the sister ship to the one I'm on.  Just for the purpose of scale, the Red Funnel ferries are 93 metres long and have a vehicle capacity of 200 - so not exactly tiny, but look like a toy next to this behemoth!!

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