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Happy Post: A New Fandom Darling!

As some of you may be aware, I've been warching the 'Good Omens' show that's been airing on Amazon Prime.

I was keen to watch it because:
a) I love Terry Pratchett stories and
b) I love David Tennant

And yes, I still do love both of those things which is why I'm really enjoying the show, but imagine my surprise when the biggest hit for me was Aziraphale, played by Michael Sheen.

I've always liked Michael Sheen as an actor, I thought his portrayal of Kenneth Williams in 'Fantabulosa' was one of the most brilliant and haunting things I've ever seen, but it tuns out he's a bloody good bloke as well as a bloody good actor.

Good Omens has been building itself a little bit of a fandom.  This is old news to David Tennant but all new and shiny to Michael Sheen, and he's been taking a real interest in it, reposting fan art and fan fic, and generally being positive and supportive all round.

It was last week while I was at Crossroads con that he really came out and showed his true colours as a new fandom champion, when someone who clearly doesn't have a clue about fandom chose to call him out for supporting it.

His response was the stuff of legends...

Just when I thought this epicness was as good as it's going to get, I was standing in the queue for Mark Sheppards photo op, and I read this ...

Try explaining why you're five minutes away from having your photo taken with Mark Sheppard and you're sobbing like a complete sap in the queue!

It looks like I'm adding Michael Sheen to my wish list of awesome people to meet at conventions!
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