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Dizzo Update: Ranty McRantface

June is the month when I renew my car insurance, and I've been determined to do something about it this year.  It's been getting more and more expensive, especially over the last couple of years after I had to declare a speeding endorsement two and a half years ago (36 in a 30 limit, whoops, my bad!)

At the moment, I'm paying £600 a year, and that's ludicrous.  I'm a fifty-one year old woman with almost 30 years driving experience who drives a people carrier - I'm hardly a high-risk boy racer!

So, I had a crappy drive home from work last night, and when I got in, I was feeling bolshy and spoiling for a fight, so I decided then was as good a time any as any to contact my insurance company.

The conversation went thus...

"Hello, how can we help you?"
"Hello, yes, I'd like to know how much notice you'd need for me to cancel my policy."
"Oh, are you thinking of leaving us."
"Oh yes, too right I'm thinking of leaving you."
"Can I ask why you want to leave us?"
"Have a look at my policy and see if you can guess."
"Is it the cost?"
"Bingo!  I've been seeking quotes from other providers and the most expensive one I've found is just over half what you're charging me."
"Well, I'm sorry to hear that, let me see if there's anything I can do for you."
"I've had a look around our system and can see you're renewing at the end of the month.  I can do you a renewal price of £375."
"But your original renewal quote said £600.  Have you removed anything from my policy, or changed the excess or something?"
"No, this is a revised quote."
"So, if you can afford to drop 40% off the price of the quote, how the hell can you justify charging me £600 for the last two years?  If I hadn't phoned tonight, you'd just carry on overcharging me just because you can!"
"It's just the charge generated by the system..."
"You guys have got a right racket going.  OK, I'll accept the £375 quote, and I'll be on the phone for another reduction next year after my speeding endorsement expires."
"Oh, right, yes. Well, I can't make any guarantees …"
"I can't make any guarantees I'll stay with you if you don't."
"Well, I'll get the new quote out in the post for you."
"Thank you.  Goodnight!"

Then, after I got off the phone to those thieving gits, and because I felt like I was on a roll, I phoned the AA (our breakdown recovery service) which is due for renewal in August, and had exactly the same conversation with them and as a result got mine and Mr D's policy reduced from £300 per year to £220 per year!

I came downstairs after these calls feeling very pleased with myself, and £350 better off, only to find that my stupid crappy laptop was kaput again - this time out of warranty, so some of my £350 will have to go towards repairing that!!!

Such is life!!!  :/

Anyway, here, for your delectation, is some complimentary Jensen ably demonstrating my opinion toward insurance companies …

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